Monday, September 28, 2009

Pictured: The Tiny Kingbird That Took A Piggyback On A Predatory Hawk And Lived To Tell The Tale


How far would you go to get rid of an unwelcome visitor? This is the moment a tiny kingbird decided it was time to see off a potential predator circling his home. In a bold move, the aggressive little bird launched itself at the fearsome red-tailed hawk and sank its talons into the larger bird's back.

The red-tailed hawk shrieks in pain as the brave kingbird sinks its talons in The feisty kingbird attacked the hawk as it ventured too near its nest, dive-bombing it relentlessly, before jumping on for a piggyback, clinging to it as it soared through the air.

It enjoyed the ride for a few seconds before resuming the attack, pecking the hawk's head in fury. The hawk, which is typically up to 50 times bigger than the kingbird, was powerless to shake its rider off and shrieked until it finally flew away to look for easier pickings elsewhere.

The incredible moment was captured by amateur photographer Pat Gaines, 41, at Bonny Lake park in Colorado, United States..........

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