Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Accuses Obama of Secret Plan to Make Embryo-yo's

US Headlines

WKKK radio entertainer and Republican party lance man, Rush Limbaugh told his millions of loyal if brainless supporters that he has discovered incontrovertible evidence that Barack Obama plans on turning the millions of US potential citizens the size of pumpkin seeds into embryo-yo's. These toys made from human flesh, according to the face of post Obama republicanism, will be given to every terrorist child in the axis of evil. Limbaugh squawked at his unseen minions:

" This is the kind of person American has been duped into electing. Our affirmative action figure in chief wants millions of future American citizens to die in the toy mills of China to be made into mollifying gifts to the next generation of 9-11 hijackers! Hope you're happy,sheepamerica!"

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