Monday, March 02, 2009

Media Matters Daily Summary 03-02-08

USA Today uncritically reported Rep. Price's tax deduction falsehood
USA Today uncritically reported Rep. Tom Price's false claim that President Obama's tax proposal would "eliminat[e] tax deductions for upper-income Americans." In fact, rather than "eliminating" itemized tax deductions, the proposal would limit to 28 percent the tax rate at which families earning more than $250,000 can take itemized deductions. Read More

Wall Street Journal advances discredited claim that Clinton did not condemn Suha Arafat's remarks
A Wall Street Journal article reported that as first lady, Hillary Clinton "sparked outrage after embracing Suha Arafat, wife of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, shortly after Mrs. Arafat accused Israel of using poison gas against Palestinians." But the article did not note that Clinton reportedly "condemned Mrs. Arafat hours later, after receiving, she said, an official translation of her remarks." Read More

CBS Evening News airs Donohue saying Sebelius nomination is "an insult to Catholics" without noting her Catholic support
On the CBS Evening News, Randall Pinkston aired a clip of Catholic League president Bill Donohue saying that President Obama's selection of Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius to be secretary of Health and Human Services "is an insult to Catholics." But Pinkston did not mention the support Sebelius has received from Catholics United and numerous other Catholics, or that one of the Republican U.S. senators from Kansas, whose support of Sebelius Pinkston noted, is Catholic. Read More

Wash. Times' Lambro falsely accused Obama of misrepresenting contents of bill
The Washington Times' Donald Lambro wrote, "Nine thousand pork barrel earmarks were buried in the $410 billion omnibus budget that passed the House last week," adding that "President Obama told Congress the day before it passed that he was happy it didn't contain any earmarks, eliciting gales of laughter from the Republican side of the chamber who knew better." In fact, during his February 24 address to Congress, Obama praised the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act -- not the omnibus legislation -- for not containing any earmarks. Read More

Media predictably revive conservative rhetoric of "socialized medicine" with Sebelius pick
Reporting on President Obama's selection of Kathleen Sebelius as Health and Human Services secretary, The New York Times and the Politico propagated the baseless conservative charges that the health care reform efforts of Obama and Sebelius amount to "socialized medicine." In fact, as has noted, the health care reform plan Obama proposed in 2008 "keeps the free-market health care system intact," while a plan that Sebelius advocated as Kansas governor pointed to expanding access to private health insurance. Read More

Limbaugh accused Sebelius of blocking KS tax refunds, ignoring Republicans' budget demands
On his radio show, Rush Limbaugh claimed that Gov. Kathleen Sebelius "at one point was refusing to send out money that Kansas taxpayers had overpaid." In fact, after Kansas halted payments in February on $12 million in tax returns due to budget shortfalls, Republicans in the state legislature refused to approve Sebelius' proposal to transfer money between state accounts in order to pay tax refunds, state employees, schools, and health-care providers until she approved hundreds of millions of dollars in budget cuts. Read More

Just weeks after suggesting Dodd should be "impeached" on CNBC, Kudlow confirms interest in Dodd's Senate seat
Politico reported that Larry Kudlow "confirmed his interest" in running against Sen. Chris Dodd in 2010 and quoted Kudlow saying: "I'm thinking about it, that's all I can say ... it's the kind of thing where I'm talking to friends, talking to strategists, talking to my wife, and praying on it." Less than three weeks earlier, however, Kudlow suggested in his capacity as a CNBC host that Dodd should be "impeached," saying that Dodd "has yet to divulge fully his sweetheart mortgage deals with the former Countrywide. He's re-fi'ed his mortgages, but we don't know those documents, either. Instead of being impeached, he's still around." Read More

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