Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Reid invites Republicans to stay in DC all summer

With a bitter fight raging over how to address high gasoline prices, some Republicans have intimated that the Senate should not leave for the August recess at the end of this week unless it can pass some sort of energy legislation. In fact, the Democrats have not officially "recessed" for more than a year because they do not want to give President Bush the chance to make appointments to vacant jobs that require Senate confirmation.

And Mr. Reid said he would be happy to have Republicans join the lone Democrat coming in to open the Senate during the break. "We don’t need the Republicans’ permission to adjourn," he said, scoffing at the question at a news conference on Tuesday. "We’re going to be in pro form session. This is because of President Bush not being fair on nominations. So we’re going to be here anyway."

But then, feeling feisty about the Democrats’ election prospects, he basically dared Republicans to stick around Washington. "We do not have a single Democratic incumbent — has any trouble at all. We’re in great shape," Mr. Reid said. "There are 11 Republicans that we have races that they should be worried about, and they are worried about them."

"So if they want to stay here and work during the August recess, it’s fine with us," he continued. "I’m not sure it’s fine with the Republican senators who have these challengers with them. But we’re here. I have no problem. If they — if they think that it’s going to hurt us in any way, I’m not concerned at all, because it won’t hurt us one bit."...... LINK

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