Tuesday, July 29, 2008

AFL-CIO to help dispel rumors about Obama

WASHINGTON - The largest U.S. labor organization mailed 600,000 fliers to union voters in four states Tuesday in an effort to help Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama correct some of the most persistent rumors about him.

The AFL-CIO wants union voters to know that the Illinois senator was born in the U.S., occasionally wears a flag pin, puts his hand over his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance and is not a Muslim. The flier shows him being sworn into the Senate with a family Bible and not the Quran, as rumored.

The fliers will begin showing up in mailboxes in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin later this week.

Union voters usually are reliable Democratic supporters, and the AFL-CIO expects one in every four voters going to the polls on Nov. 4 to be from a union household. The AFL-CIO has 10.5 million members, and its leaders say getting the truth out about Obama can only help his campaign...............

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