Sunday, July 27, 2008

For Hagel, it's country above political party

Lincoln Journal Star

Hagel is under “friendly fire” now. Only it isn’t so friendly. “It’s time for a reality check,” says former Republican State Chairman Chuck Sigerson, now a member of the Omaha City Council. “Are you a Republican or not? If you’re a Republican, you should be endorsing McCain. “Chuck personally may not like the war, but to go out there and court the presumptive Democratic nominee is beyond the pale.” “Rank and file Republicans are very dismayed by the actions of the senator,” Sigerson says. “It’s time to rally around the Republican nominee. If you don’t feel that way, reassess your Republican credentials.”

That’s the flash point.

Hagel has decided not to endorse presumptive GOP presidential nominee John McCain, a strong supporter of the war in Iraq.

And he has just returned from a congressional trip to Iraq and Afghanistan with Barack Obama.......

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