Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Here's why the Media Keeps this Farce(Election Polls)Close

Already,TV campaign ads exceed 100,000 McCain and Obama have spent nearly $50 million between them


If you're growing tired of seeing the two presidential candidates in 30-second snippets on your television, at this pace you'll be downright exhausted by Election Day, Nov. 4.

In just the first two months of the general election campaign, Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama already have aired more than 100,000 ads on broadcast TV, roughly 33,000 more than were aired during the same time period by the presidential candidates in 2004.

Between the end of the primary election season, June 3, and July 26, Obama has spent more than $27 million and McCain more than $21 million on TV ads. Throw in spots aired by the Republican National Committee and various interest groups and the total two-month spending so far on TV advertising exceeds $50 million........

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