Sunday, June 29, 2008

Media Matters Daily Summary 06-29-08

Kristol, who previously said "[w]hite women are a problem ... we all live with," is "appalled" by the "sexism and misogyny the Democratic primary voters demonstrated"
On Fox News Sunday, Bill Kristol, who previously declared that "[w]hite women are a problem ... we all live with that," stated of Sen. Hillary Clinton: "She's put behind her the horrible sexism and misogyny the Democratic primary voters demonstrated, which I'm appalled by, personally. Never would have happened in the Republican Party. You know, we're -- Republicans are much more open to strong women." Read More

WSJ's Moore didn't note that McCain's own words contradict Gramm's claim that McCain "wants to cut defense"
In a Wall Street Journal commentary, Stephen Moore quoted Phil Gramm, economic adviser to Sen. John McCain, saying McCain is "going to cut the defense budget by making major changes in procurement." Moore later quoted Gramm saying: "[T]here is nothing John McCain wants from Congress. He wants to cut defense. There's no place they can take him in cutting spending that he's not willing to go." But Moore did not mention that Gramm's statements are inconsistent with McCain's assertion in a Foreign Affairs article that the United States needs "additional investment" in the military and "can afford to spend more on national defense." Read More

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