Tuesday, June 24, 2008

About 100 Protest McCain in California


ABC News' Bret Hovell and James Gerber Report: The largest assemblage of protestors to gather at a McCain event this election cycle greeted the Arizona Republican this morning in Santa Barbara, California.

The group of about 100, largely assembled to protest McCain’s environmental policies, awaited him outside the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum, where McCain is set to deliver remarks and receive a briefing on the environment.

Watch video of the protest HERE.

McCain has received flack in recent days for reversing his position on U.S. off-shore oil drilling. The presumptive Republican nominee has long opposed it but switched positions this month, citing the need for relief from high gas-prices for American families.

Santa Barbara residents are particularly sensitive to the issue of off-shore drilling. An oil spill off the city's coastline in 1969 sparked intense protests and landmark legislation.

Chants of "no new drilling" could be heard, as well as a guy on a bullhorn talking about how "shortsighted" McCain’s plan to drill for more oil is.

One sign read: "McCain: Some Nerve. Coming here to try to sell Earth-desecrating policies to us!!!"..........................

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