Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday's Sex News 06-27-08

  • Censorship as art

    The Brighton Port Authority's latest music video, features a group of naked people, and dancing censorship bars [Video]

  • Is your porn extreme?

    Since Britain's Criminal Justice Bill came into force in May, "extreme" porn has been made illegal

  • The demise of the lipstick lesbian

    Lesbians are not just butch or tomboys, nor even "lipstick lesbians", but now femmes, Glamazons, and even "consumable lesbians"

  • Red squirrel sex life revealed

    Research has found that the female red squirrel my be more promiscuous than even rabbits

  • The least sexy sex films

    Lauren Wissot's Spout Blog summarises her five worst sex films of all time, topped by Catherine Breillat's film, The Last Mistress

  • Sex returns to Times Square

    After sex shops were removed from Times Square, Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren, plans to show artful porn films on Broadway

  • Japanese newspapers closes saucy site

    Mainichi Newspapers have closed down their WaiWai news section, featuring saucy and sexy news items, claiming that it was too "too vulgar" and carried "inappropriate content", and plan to punish the section head [More]

  • Casual sex like more by men

    New research has found that more men feel positive about casual sex, than women

  • Will Smith promises more sex

    Movie star Will Smith has told his wife that if he takes time off making movies, than she'd better be prepared for more sex

  • Playboy Heff reveals all

    Steven Watts new book, Mr. Playboy: Hugh Hefner and the American Dream, reveals some of the Playbouy founder's bedroom secrets [More Playboy]

  • Where to swim naked in Britain

    Kate Rew finds the Britains ten best places to go skinny dipping

  • Monk gives orgasm advice

    Celibate monk Father Ksawery Knotz, is offering sex advice on his new web site, that has been called the Catholic Kama Sutra [More]

  • Lesbian brains like men

    New research from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, has found brain similarities between straight men and lesbians [More]

  • Val sleeps with Blue Peter

    British children's TV presenter Valerie Singleton, has admited to sleeping with co-presenter Peter Purves

  • Striptease advert criticised

    The Advertising Standards Authority has upheld a complaint about a TV advert for the Ministry of Sound, featuring a women in school uniform, stripping

  • Why you should go naked

    The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort in California, gives you ten reasons why you should go on a clothing optional vacation

  • Old naked women get TV deal

    Seven women all aged over 80, and some into their 90s, are to have a documentary made about their fund-raising 2005 nude calendar

  • Fuck band names!

    The Guardian's Alexis Petridis says it is no longer shocking to see bands use the word fuck in their names

  • Thailand crowns transsexuals beauty queen

    Unlike some countries that discriminate, Thailand embraces its bisexual, gay and transgendered communities.

  • Kate Moss in see-thru top

    Supermodel Kate Moss has been photographed in a see-thru top in Turkey [Photos]

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