Monday, June 23, 2008

Media Matters Daily Summary 06-23-08

Ignoring previous AP report, AP's Pickler didn't note McCain disregarded Iowa Gov.'s request he not campaign in state amid flood recovery efforts
An AP article reported: "[Barack] Obama, an Illinois senator, canceled a visit to eastern Iowa last week at the request of state officials and instead went to fill sandbags in Quincy, Ill. [John] McCain, an Arizona senator, toured flood damage in Iowa Thursday." However, the article gave no indication that the AP had previously reported that Iowa Gov. Chet Culver requested that both Obama and McCain refrain from campaigning in the state, but McCain decided to go to Iowa anyway. Read More

Shelby Steele acknowledged he doesn't believe claim in subtitle of his own book on Obama
Despite the claim in the subtitle of his book, A Bound Man: Why We Are Excited About Obama and Why He Can't Win, Shelby Steele acknowledged that he thinks Sen. Barack Obama "can definitely win" the presidential election. Steele told Fox News' Sean Hannity the subtitle was an "afterthought" that he "regret[ted]" and that it did not represent the book's thesis. Read More

Politico's Martin again uncritically quoted "most liberal" charge against Obama
Jonathan Martin uncritically quoted Regnery Publishing president Marjory Ross saying of Sen. Barack Obama, "He's the No. 1 most liberal member of the U.S. Senate, and nobody has really examined his record." Ross was apparently referring to the National Journal's 2007 Vote Ratings. Martin did not cite any criticism of the study's subjectivity -- including criticism by Obama during a February interview with Politico -- or note that a more comprehensive study reached a different result. Read More

Politico: Anti-Obama book to be released by conservative press that published Swift Boat smear book
David Freddoso's upcoming book, The Case Against Barack Obama, will be published by Regnery, which reportedly "likens the goal of [the Obama] book to that of 'Unfit for Command,' " a widely discredited book containing numerous false and baseless attacks on John Kerry's military service. Read More

NY Times, Wash. Post reported McCain's plan for offshore drilling in response to gas prices, but not that it would have no impact for years
In articles on Sen. John McCain's reversal on offshore drilling, The New York Times reported that McCain "cast" his position "switch" as a "bold action in response to gasoline prices topping $4 a gallon," while The Washington Post suggested that McCain's position is a response "to ease the crunch for consumers." Neither article pointed out that the Department of Energy has determined that offshore drilling would not impact gas prices for many years. Read More

Ignoring McCain's inaction, AP claimed NC GOP "ignored McCain's repeated calls to kill" controversial ad
The AP reported that Sen. John McCain's campaign "promises to condemn any race-based political appeals" and, referring to a controversial television ad by the North Carolina state Republican Party attacking Sen. Barack Obama, asserted that McCain made "repeated calls to kill the ad." But according to the party's chairwoman, at no point did McCain call her directly and ask that she not run the ad, and McCain reportedly said that "he wouldn't have run the GOP ad, 'but I am not going to referee, I am just going to run my own campaign.' " Read More

Blitzer did not challenge Pawlenty's false claim that under Obama plan, taxes will increase if "you have an IRA or a 401(k)"
On Late Edition, Wolf Blitzer did not challenge Gov. Tim Pawlenty's false claim that under Sen. Barack Obama's proposal to increase the capital gains tax rate, "if you have an IRA or a 401(k), which a lot of middle Americans do, and you go to retire or, you know, use that money, you're going to pay almost double the rate in taxation." In fact, most distributions from retirement accounts are taxed as regular income, not as capital gains. Read More

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