Friday, December 21, 2007

Vanity Fair interviews Larry Flynt: 'The other shoe's going to drop any day'

Pam's House Blend

The publisher of Hustler has been on the prowl to catch Republican sexual hypocrite for some time now. Most recently he trotted out former call girl Wendy Ellis who claimed she had a "business relationship" with moralist anti-gay Senator David Vitter. He also claims to have the gay goods on other closeted hypocrites.


And, you might ask, who is next on Flynt's list to expose? He does name three to Handy, but not for publication. What we do know:

* a Republican presidential candidate (woohoo!)
* a well-known Republican senator
* another "prominent conservative official" (this is described in the article as involving "hooker parties and no-tell-motel liaisons"

He says he's closest to confirming and revealing the closeted gay senator (and it's not Larry Craig, who Handy says refers to himself as a "practicing heterosexual"), and that:

"The other shoe's going to drop any day," Flynt says, speaking of the other senator. "It'll surprise a lot of people that he's gay. And I'll bet you he resigns the same day and rides off into the sunset. He won't be as stupid as Craig," who after an initial vow to leave office changed his mind and instead fought to reverse his guilty plea to disorderly conduct.

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