Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pakistan Crisis Makes The Case For Biden, Not Bush or Hillary

Brent Budowsky

Let's give credit where it is due. Joe Biden has been light years ahead of all presidential candidates in both parties, warning about Pakistan for years, being the only candidate to seriously raise the issue in the debates.

My hope for Iowa is that Obama and Edwards make a caucus alliance for change, joining together during the Iowa caucus at the local level to maximize the change movement.

There is no doubt, however, that if any national candidate was right about Pakistan, and earns major presidential credibility, it is Joe Biden.

The fact is, the Bush obsession with Iraq has endangered both the Afghanistan war, and Pakistan, as Afghanistan deteriorates because of lack of attention and allied support, and the problems spill over the border to destabilize Pakistan.

While Hillaryland will no doubt try to exploit the Pakistan crisis against Obama and Edwards, Hillary was guilty as charged from 2002 through 2006 for supporting the Iraq obsession, and guilt as charged in 2007 for joining the Iran hysteria and supporting the Lieberman-Kyle resolution.

It was Joe Biden and Joe Biden alone among the presidential candidates in both parties who warned, and warned again about the dangers of Pakistan, who offered constructive proposals to get out of Iraq, and opposed the Iran hysteria of Lieberman-Kyle.

If serious, deep, credible, long term national security experience is elevated by this sad and tragic event, it is not those who succombed to Iraq and Iran hysteria who should be touting their "experience".

It is Joe Biden who was far ahead of the curve, and far ahead of all other candidates, about the gravest danger in the region, which is the nuclear and unstable dictatorship of Pakistan.

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