Saturday, October 27, 2007

Muslims Wage Jihad on Jihad

LONDON, England — Muslims across the world wage Jihad on Jihad with mass protests around the globe.

Mohammed Aqbar is waging Jihad on Jihad itself. He does not carry placards denouncing every other religion under the sun anymore or wishing ill on all the world but instead carries a message of peace and love.

This is Jihad on Jihad, a new movement that is taking the Muslim world by storm.

From Mecca to London there have been protests against the violent militant Islamist doctrine of violence and ugly rhetoric. Instead, the Islamists are now embracing peace and love to all mankind.

"I used to spit on anything Western. Now I embrace them as my brothers and sisters. We are all humans and bleed the same blood." exclaims Jamia Muammar the spokesman and Imam of the Juala Mosque in Qatar......

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