Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday's Sex News 10-26-07

Aniston's brush with pubic hair (2007-10-26)
Friends star Jennifer Aniston apparetntly waxed her bikini line every other week

TV journalist sex clip leaked (2007-10-26)
A mobile phone sex clip of popular 19-year-old Vietnamese journalist Hoang Thuy Linh has found its way onto the web

Masturbation destinations (2007-10-26)
A new poll of Brits has found that over half of women like to masturbate in bed, and English men masturbate about 8 times a week

No sex, or holding hands, for me (2007-10-26)
Time Out speaks to people who have decided to be celibate, and some that won't even hold hands

Try a sperm workout (2007-10-26)
Australian researchers have found that men who ejaculate at least once a day, had a decrease in damaged sperm

Keeley friend of the earth (2007-10-26)
GREEN GODDESS Keeley is urging The Sun's army of readers to save the polar ice caps - by showing her Twin Peaks.

Barbara Kay on Dumbledore feedback (2007-10-26)
On October 25 I wrote a column in reaction to the news that J.K. Rowling had revealed that her Harry Potter series wizard, Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts, was gay.

Steve and Mia His girlfriend keeps texting her ex (2007-10-26)
How long does he wait for him to get over her? Steve is a 50-something married man who's been around the block.

Conference conversations concerning condoms (2007-10-26)
While most of you were celebrating Homecoming last weekend, I was in Denver at a sex conference.

HPV Vaccine Recommended For NHS Immunisation Programme (2007-10-26)
Government immunisation programme to include routine HPV vaccination of girls aged 12 - 13 years.

After Chick Lit, - baby-sick lit' (2007-10-26)
Stevie Johnson, heroine of A Bad Bride's Tale , is obviously getting married for the wrong reasons.

Radical Feminism A good husbands guide (2007-10-26)
Radical Feminism A good husbands guide Have dinner ordered or ready. Plan ahead, even the night before, to have a delicious meal ready, on time for her return.

Religion Christian lives in committed same-sex relationship. (2007-10-26)
B RIAN McKinley's plea is simple but heartfelt. "I'd like people to appreciate how hard it is, almost every day of one's life, to have crisis and division in a church I love because of something that is an ...

Does the religious right drive up the abortion rate? (2007-10-26)
If you rate every country in the world starting with whether each provides full access to family planning, emergency contraceptives, pays for abortions and provides comprehensive sex education, and compare ...

Sex and the Single President (2007-10-26)
Having marketed his marriage as an integral part of his presidential appeal, President Nicolas Sarkozy has had to endure the agony of its breakup in the full glare of the publicity he courted for his private ...

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