Friday, October 26, 2007

Interior minister: US training terrorists in Iraq, Afghanistan


Interior Minister of Iran Mostafa Pour- Mohammadi said on Wednesday that US has established training centers in Afghanistan in the past years to train terrorist forces and dispatched them to other countries including Iran.

"There are enough documents in this regard" Pour-Mohammadi said in a press conference on the sidelines of the fourth meeting of interior ministers of Iraq neighboring countries.

The meeting began with participation of interior ministers of Iran, Turkey, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait as well as Egypt and Bahrain on Tuesday to discuss the security situation in Iraq.

The Iranian minister added that Washington has also established a terrorist-training school in Iraq.

"Whoever fans the flames of insurgence, will be burned in the same flames," stressed the minister.

Referring to the "destructive role" of the US forces in Afghanistan, Pour-Mohammadi said the illegal drugs production which was 1,000 tons a year before US presence in Afghanistan, has presently mounted to 8,000 tons a year.....

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