Friday, June 28, 2013

Oh Look Darrell Issa Is Lying Again, Part One Million Seven Hundred Sixty Thousand Seventy Two

Ugh. We thought we were done with this IRSgate bullshit, since now Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Satan’s Bunghole) has been outed as Congress’s biggest assclown, whom no one should take seriously ever again. (Haha, “ever again” assumes facts not in evidence. Law talk!) But it seems that the non-scandal is turning out to be a scandal again, except it’s because Darrell Issa seemed to manufacture the first non-scandal, because he is a shitty human being and all. This has become a giant confusing clusterfuck of awfulness, and we are getting really tired of more awful people getting involved and ruining our day-drinking. Here’s the latest.
Democrats are upset because contrary to the report prepared by the IRS Inspector General, the IRS didn’t just target Tea Party nutjobs, but also looked at progressive groups. When asked about it, IRS IG J. George Russell’s office explained that they only looked at Tea Party groups because that’s all Rep. Issa asked them to look at. THE FUCK, REALLY?  READ MORE »

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