Friday, June 07, 2013

British Idiot On Fox Knows What Is Wrong With America (Hint: It Is The Poors, Old Chap)

What is with all these worthless British dilettantes befouling our fair American shores? Did we not drive the lobsterbacks twice unto the angry sea with our muskets of virtue a-cracking? Niall Ferguson and Piers Morgan are six too many, but the worst of all may be Stuart Varney, who is on the Fox Business Channel all the time being a bloated bourgeois dick toward poor people. He isn’t even pretending otherwise! No, he just flat out said, “I am being mean to poor people. Frankly, I am.” Frankly, sir, a parcel of rodent genitalia, divorc’d from their corporeal hosts and seasoned just so, would look well upon and within your stupid fucking face. But why is Stuart Varney being mean to poor people, aside from he is a fucking dick? READ MORE »

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