Friday, June 07, 2013

Losers and Quitters Whine About President, Not Because They Are Sore Losers Or Anything

Just when you’ve grown tired of loser Republicans giving all kinds of advice to the GOP on how not to lose, it’s suddenly time for different loser Republicans to blargh and whine about the President some more, because that worked so well to get them elected. The reason (as if they need one): they don’t like who he is appointing to advise him. Who are the loveable voluble losers this time around? None other than 2012 loser Mittens W. Romneyvanworthington VII and 2008 vice-loser Sarah Palin! They are clearly not at all sore losers turning to the media for just one more hit of that sweet sweet media spotlight. They just want to make sure we all know that Our Guiding Star of Socialism and Great Sun of Communism Barack H. Obama is the real losingest loser, despite pesky things like votes and the Electoral College and un-American things like that.
First up, the 2012 loser was asked by CNN about Pres. Obama’s appointment of Susan Rice to be his next national security advisor:
I find that a disappointing appointment on the part of the president. I think what she did was to very seriously mislead the American people about what happened in Benghazi. My greatest concern about the Benghazi events was the fact there was not a rescue effort attempted and that is very troubling to me.
Really, President Governor Romney? You are disappointed about Susan Rice because of Benghazi? Let’s roll out the recent history timeline, shall we?  READ MORE »

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