Monday, June 10, 2013

Mean IRS Manager Who Picked On Innocent Conservatives Is A Conservative, Not Trying to Holocaust America

Oh for the love of Moses, are we still rending our garments about the fauxspiracy that is IRSghazigate? That is sooooo last month. Despite all the super-earnest attempts by Republicans to make it A Thing — a we-must-impeach-Obama-thing, an Obama = Nixon thing, a this-is-why-we-should-repeal-Obamacare-but-seriously-you-guys-for-reals-this-time thing — it is so not a thing and never really was, except in the fevered imaginations of conservatives. And hey, look, here’s yet another story, this time from the Chicago Tribune, demonstrating just how not-a-thing this dumb thing is:
A U.S. Internal Revenue Service manager, who described himself as a conservative Republican, told congressional investigators that he and a local colleague decided to give conservative groups the extra scrutiny that has prompted weeks of political controversy.
In an official interview transcript released on Sunday by Democratic Representative Elijah Cummings, the manager said he and an underling set aside “Tea Party” and “patriot” groups that had applied for tax-exempt status because the organizations appeared to pose a new precedent that could affect future IRS filings.
Ohhhhhh. So the eeeeeeeevil librul Obama hack who was persecuting teabaggers by not telling them, “You want to not pay your taxes? Okay then!” was actually a conservative Republican? But but but but … fury and outrage and stuff! READ MORE »

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