Monday, November 29, 2010

Media Matters Daily Summary 11-29-10

Fox still repeatedly pushing small business tax lie
On November 29, Fox & Friends repeatedly suggested that most small businesses will be affected by the extension of the Bush tax cuts, despite the fact that an overwhelming majority of small business would be unaffected by the expiration of the tax cuts for the rich. Read More

EXCLUSIVE: Fox runs with another bogus War on Christmas story?
Fox & Friends reported that a school in central Florida had banned the "traditional Christmas colors" red and green from classrooms. In a statement to Media Matters, the school's district spokesperson, Regina Klares, has denied this, stating, "There is not a ban on the colors red and green at Heathrow Elementary." Read More

Unbalanced: Fox News' conspiracy theory obsession
Fox News and its employees have played a role in hosting, promoting and repeating conspiracy theories -- including claims that President Obama isn't a U.S. citizen, 9-11 conspiracy theories, suggestions that Obama is a Muslim, and conspiracies involving the Gulf oil spill. Read More

Fox panelist's outrageous claim: TSA agents can make $175,000 "to pat people down"
Fox News panelist Gary B. Smith claimed that Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents "can make up to $175,000 a year" "to pat people down." In reality, TSA personnel primarily responsible for screening passengers make between $25,518 and $44,007 plus locality pay, and even senior managers supervising TSA activities at entire airports earn up to the capped maximum of $172,550, including any pay received based on locality. Read More

Beck just makes things up about health care reform
Glenn Beck falsely claimed that "the tactic known as deem and pass" was used for "final passage" of health care reform legislation. In fact, House Democrats did not use "deem and pass" to pass the bill, which Fox News itself reported in March. Read More

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