Monday, November 01, 2010

Christine Buys 30-Minute Ads To Remind Delaware She’s Crazy

Christine O’Donnell is still lagging in the polls (REALLY?) one day out, so the obvious game-changer this woman needs is to create a half-hour infomercial about herself and buy time to air it on the Hallmark Channel or whatever. Actually, she could only manage to say the same trite thing about taxes for twenty-four minutes, so that’s how long it is. And it is all very touching. Listen to the small-business owner wail about how he suddenly has to pay something called “taxes” on the money his store makes.

Watch Christine hard at “work” chatting with 20 voters next to a fake tree in a rundown hotel conference room. Then we spend time with a doctor who will be forced to work at a hospital because of this health care thing, and a farm family who will be forced to sell their land because, again, this whole new “taxes” thing, and who will presumably also be forced to work at this sweatshop hospital that doctor is going to. And then back to Christine, who is yelling at some old people in slow motion. Entertainment! READ MORE »

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