Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Media Matters Daily Summary 11-10-10

"Puppet Master": Beck's lies about Soros, Day 1
In the first part of his multi-day special on philanthropist George Soros, Glenn Beck mangled Soros quotes, lied about Soros' past, smeared other progressives associated with Soros, and distorted legislative history to paint Soros as an all-powerful and dangerous "puppet master." Read More

Fox's Gallagher reports false claim that U.S. courts are "increasingly ... using Sharia law"
Fox News' Trace Gallagher uncritically reported the false claim that "the courts are increasingly consulting and using Sharia law," which he attributed to the sponsor of a ballot measure banning the use of international and Sharia law in Oklahoma. In fact, the sponsor himself has failed to identify a single case in which Sharia law was successfully used in any U.S. court decision. Read More

Election scorecard: Evaluating pundits' electoral predictions
Pundits made a lot of predictions in the days leading up to the midterm elections, some of them right, some of them wrong, and some of them outright laughable. Media Matters shows you how your political "experts" actually fared: Read More

Fox scapegoats unions for California budget problems
Fox figures have repeatedly blamed unions, and specifically union pensions, for California's ongoing budget problems. In fact, experts have attributed California's budget shortfalls to the state tax system, budget process, and economic downturn. Read More

Lou Dobbs joins Fox Birther Network
Lou Dobbs is reportedly joining Fox Business Network to host his own show. With Dobbs' hiring, Fox is adding yet another birther to its lineup. Read More

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