Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Media Matters Daily Summary 09-22-10

O'Reilly's wrong, Carter's right: Fox features race-baiting, birtherism, and religious smears
Bill O'Reilly attacked comments from former President Jimmy Carter about Fox News' race baiting and its role in promoting falsehoods about President Obama's citizenship and religion. But Carter was right: birtherism, race baiting attacks on Obama, and lies about his religion have all found a home on Fox News. Read More

Right-wing media attack Petraeus Obama for avoiding "talk of victory"
Right-wing media have seized on reports that, when reviewing the Afghanistan war's strategy, President Obama "avoided talk of victory." But many military leaders, including Gen. David Petraeus, agree with Obama and have said that Afghanistan is not a war "you win." Read More

Fox double standard: Obama needs to abide by military's requests, Bush does not
Fox News personalities have repeatedly attacked President Obama for purportedly not sending as many troops to Afghanistan as the military requested. However, when then-President Bush dismissed Gen. Shinseki's recommendation that "several hundred thousand troops" would be needed in Iraq, Fox virtually ignored the story and, when it did cover it, hosted a contributor to suggest that critics "shut up and let daddy drive."
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Right-wing attack Obama for having faith that America can "absorb" a terrorist attack and grow "stronger"
Right-wing media are attacking President Obama's reported comments that the United States can "absorb a terrorist attack" and that the country "absorbed [9-11] and we are stronger" by suggesting that Obama is "inviting another 9/11" and that he "doesn't care about Americans dying." However, conservatives have made similar comments -- including former President Bush. Read More

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