Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Media Matters Daily Summary 09-15-10

Conservatives attack NRSC for having no plans to fund O'Donnell's race
Following Christine O'Donnell's victory over Republican Rep. Mike Castle in the Delaware Senate Republican primary, right-wing media have taken up O'Donnell's cause, attacking the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) for reportedly deciding not to support O'Donnell. Read More

Right-wing media turn on Rove for "trashing" O'Donnell
Right-wing media figures are attacking Fox News' Karl Rove for "trashing" Christine O'Donnell after her victory in the Delaware GOP Senate primary, stating that his comments were "disgraceful" and that Rove "came across as an effete sore loser."
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Fox & Friends is launching pad for GOP general election campaigns
Following their primary victories, Republican candidates have routinely turned to Fox & Friends as their favored venue to mark the launch of their general election campaigns. Through softball interviews, Fox & Friends, in turn, provides them an open platform to promote their campaigns. Read More

"I think you're an ass": Conservative media finally discover their colleagues are frauds
In the run-up to Delaware's Republican Senate primary, conservative media figures noticed that their colleagues are "lazy and unfair" "idiot[s]" and "mouthpieces for the Republican establishment" who engage in "ranting, not serious arguments" and whose commentary consists of "smear tactics," "mischaracterizations," "exaggerated claims," "slander," and "attributing sinister or corrupt motives to those who disagree with them."
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"Mike Castle is over. Christine O'Donnell is now": The making of a Fox News candidate
Media Matters for America presents a timeline of how Fox News hosts and contributors -- with a few exceptions -- came to tout Delaware Republican Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell and celebrated her primary victory.
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