Friday, September 17, 2010

Media Matters Daily Summary 09-17-10

Right-wing media attack Michelle Obama for fighting childhood obesity
Conservative media figures are attacking Michelle Obama over her efforts to encourage healthy eating and reduce childhood obesity, baselessly claiming that Americans "will be reported" or be "jail[ed]" for eating french fries. Read More

Fox bullying GOP to "get over it" and support O'Donnell
Following Christine O'Donnell's surprise victory in the Delaware Republican Senate primary, Fox media figures have coalesced around O'Donnell and have taken to bullying other Republicans into supporting her. Read More

Foster conspiracy theorist media now promoting Foster conspiracy theorist candidate
The same right-wing media figures who promoted conspiracy theories surrounding Vince Foster's suicide are now promoting GOP Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell, who in 1996 called Foster's death a "murder" and suggested that President Bill Clinton may have been "involved in wrongdoing" in Foster's death.
Read More

Right-wing media falsely claim LA spent "a couple million" in stimulus "per job" created
Right-wing media have seized on a recent Los Angeles audit of some stimulus funds the city has received to falsely claim that each stimulus-funded job in LA cost the taxpayer an average of $2 million per job. In fact, the controller's office noted that not all of the funds have been spent yet, additional jobs are expected, and moreover, such cost-per-job estimates are "highly misleading," as they do not capture the full impact of the stimulus. Read More

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