Thursday, August 27, 2009

Will ABC Still Have Stossel Cover Health Care After He Pushed Claim That Their Network Said Was ‘Untrue?’


For years now, libertarian journalist John Stossel has used his position at ABC News to attack the idea of a government role in providing health care for all Americans. For instance, in a 20/20 segment earlier this year, Stossel framed his report on congressional health care reform by saying, “some in Congress say they’re moving closer to a plan that will make health care cheaper and better. Sounds great, but when government takes charge it can also mean innovation stops.” Watch it:

Appearing as the keynote speaker at an Americans for Prosperity event yesterday, Stossel called Medicare “a Ponzi scheme” and pushed the thoroughly debunked “death panel” claim:

Stossel, a self-described libertarian, said Obama’s reform proposals would “make things much worse” and actually increase costs and reduce consumer choice.

He also called Medicare a Ponzi scheme gone broke that if left unfixed would lead to limits on care.

“There will be death panels if we do nothing,” Stossel said of Medicare, using the phrase that former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin made famous in relation to the health-reform bill, which does not directly affect Medicare.

Stossel’s invocation of “death panels” is surprising considering that his employer, ABC News, ran a “reality check” on the claim and found that it was an “untrue” “myth.” “Two dozen physicians were interviewed by ABC News’ medical unit, and each said these kinds of consultations help families and they are happening already. This provision, they say, would only make them more widespread.”

Given his disregard for his own news agency’s reporting, will ABC continue to give Stossel valuable air time to launch false attacks on health care reform?

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