Tuesday, August 18, 2009

O.C. attorney suing Obama wants judge thrown out


In the lastest quirky drama of Mission Viejo attorney Orly Taitz's lawsuit to get President Barack Obama tossed from office, she has filed a motion today asking that Magistrate Judge Arthur Nakazato by removed from the case. She says that Nakazato is holding up the case by being "hyper-formalistic."

On Aug. 1, Taitz filed what she said she thought was a Kenyan birth registration for Obama. You can read here about evidence indicating it's fake, but the reason Nakazato threw the filing out was because Taitz didn't have her paperwork in order.

In her motion today dismissing the shortcomings as "trivial technicalities," Taitz does not address Nakazato's concern that her bar number was omitted from the Aug. 1 filing. But she does dismiss an error she made in an upcoming court date, and explains that there were no page numbers as required because of a printing error.

Taitz's first name is misspelled as "Orley" in the footer of today's filing, as it was in one previous filing.

While she has filed this motion to remove Nakazato, she has not re-filed the document claiming to be the Kenya birth certificate to provide the missing information.

Click here to see the motion filed today by Taitz.

Two of her 42 plaintiffs in the case last week sent notice that they had replaced her as counsel, complaining that she was "in over her head." When she responded that she was kicking them off the case, one of those plaintiffs pointed out that it was their case and she did not have the prerogative to decide who the plaintiffs would be. Click here to read about that dustup.

Taitz's case claims that Obama was not a naturally born U.S. citizen and so cannot legitimately hold the presidency.

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