Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rush Limbaugh challenges MSNBC, Ed Schultz challenges Rush Limbaugh

Birmingham Progressive Politics Examiner

Radio showman and self-admitted 'titular head of the Republican party', Rush Limbaugh, issued a challenge to television network MSNBC on his radio show yesterday to refrain talking about him (Limbaugh) for a full thirty days.

Today, MSNBC host, Ed Schultz agreed to the challenge if Rush Limbaugh would agree to go for 30 days without making any derogatory or hateful comments about the President of the United States.

It seems that Rush Limbaugh hasn't been getting enough attention in the news lately because today Limbaugh said he was resigning as the "titular head of the Republican party." He said he was passing the "baton" to General Colin Powell.

But in December, Rush Limbaugh said that Colin Powell isn't a Republican at all because there is "no such thing as a moderate Republican. A moderate Republican is a liberal." Limbaugh also accused the decorated war veteran of voting for Obama because of his "race."

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