Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dallas Couple Finds Jesus Inside Cheese Snack

CBS NEWS DALLAS- Many people have seen and heard about the likeness of Jesus turning up in unlikely places. Now, one North Texas family says they found Jesus in a cheese snack.

Dan Bell found his vision of Jesus last week at the gas station. "We were leaving town I stopped to by fill up with gas and bought some snacks."

Inside a .99 cent bag of Cheetos brand cheese snacks Dan and his wife Sara found something unique. Sara recalls the discovery. "I was putting them in my hand and I had eaten most of the ones in my hand and one was left lying there, and I said 'oh my gosh look at this it really looks like a person in a robe praying.'"
Dan looked over "I said 'wow it does look like a praying Jesus.'"

The couple nicknamed it "Cheesus."

Cheesus is about two inches tall. Despite missing a right arm, the Bells see a body, hair, robe, even a tiny face.

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