Friday, May 15, 2009

Dem: Pelosi has “more integrity in her pinky” than Rove, Cheney


Speaker Pelosi’s House colleagues are standing behind her as she takes incoming fire from the CIA and Republicans on the interrogration briefings flap and are ready to fight back.

House Democratic Caucus Chairman, Rep. John Larson (D-CT), said Friday that he agrees with Pelosi’s assertion that the CIA misled Congress and Democrats will stand with the leader.

“I will stand by her integrity any day of the week,” Larson said, casting the dispute with the CIA as more of a debate between the Speaker and Bush administration officials.

“Nancy Pelosi has more integrity in her pinky than Karl Rove and Dick Cheney possess in their entire body,” he said.

Larson called the question of what Pelosi learned at a September 2002 intelligence briefing on interrogations a “distraction” created by Republicans who want to deter Congress from investigating whether the Bush administration condoned and used torture.

“It’s clear what the other side is up to. They are saying no. They are providing subterfuge and they are not working to get what’s in the best interest of the American people accomplished,” Larson said in an interview with Fox News Channel.

Additionally, in addressing Pelosi’s argument that the CIA misled Congress, Larson tried to draw a distinction and added that what she is talking about is the “Bush-era CIA,” which he says President Obama has since tried to reform.....

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