Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Media Matters Daily Summary 04-28-09

Fox Nation gets an "F" for Obama rating falsehood
The Fox Nation featured a headline that falsely claimed: "One Group Gives Obama's 100 Days a C+." In fact, the article to which the headline linked discussed a poll of "new media experts" who graded the WhiteHouse.gov website, not President Obama's first 100 days in office. Read More

CNN's Bash didn't note economists' argument that spending is necessary in recession
In a CNN.com article, Dana Bash reported that Republicans "trying to return to their small government roots" are "opposing Obama's economic prescriptions." But Bash did not mention that several economists say increased government spending -- as opposed to a return to "small government roots" -- is the necessary "economic prescription[]" during a recession. Read More

Post reports GOP criticism of HHS vacancy, but not GOP's role
The Washington Post allowed Bush HHS Secretary Michael Leavitt to criticize the Obama administration for not having an HHS secretary in place, but did not note Senate Republicans' role in delaying nominee Kathleen Sebelius' confirmation vote. Read More

VandeHei uncritically repeats Gregg's reconciliation criticism
The Politico's Jim VandeHei stated that Sen. Judd Gregg is "angry" because "Democrats were able to get this thing called reconciliation inserted into" the proposed 2010 budget, but did not note that Republicans, including Gregg, repeatedly supported using reconciliation to pass several Bush initiatives. Read More

Baier ignored study's finding that media coverage of Obama's policies skewed negative
Fox News' Bret Baier cited a conclusion from a media study that President Obama received more positive coverage through his first 50 days than President Bush or President Clinton but not the study's conclusion that Obama's "positive media image hasn't precluded heavy criticism of his policies." Read More

The Hill reported Ryan and Gregg's reconciliation criticism, omitted their prior support
The Hill quoted objections by Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. Judd Gregg, both Republicans, to the Democrats' use of the reconciliation process to pass health care reform legislation, but failed to note that Republicans -- including both Ryan and Gregg -- repeatedly supported the Bush administration's use of reconciliation. Read More

Fox's Cameron provides bad medicine in health care report
Carl Cameron falsely suggested that President Obama has proposed a health care system similar to those of England and Canada -- models Obama has explicitly rejected -- and uncritically aired a misleading portion of a Conservatives for Patients' Rights ad. Read More

Fox's Angle repeated false and misleading claims on harsh interrogations
Jim Angle again falsely compared the harsh techniques used in the interrogations of CIA detainees to those used in U.S. military training. In fact, officials familiar with both dispute the comparison. Read More

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