Sunday, April 19, 2009

Media Matters Daily Summary 04-19-09

Wallace, defender of "fair and balanced" Fox, ignores Fox's promotion of tea parties
Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace devoted more than nine minutes of his show to asking politicians and Fox News contributors about the April 15 tea parties. At no point did Wallace -- who has previously asserted that Fox "really [is] ... fair and balanced" -- note, much less take a position on, Fox News' relentless promotion of the tea parties. Read More

Contradicting other reporting, Bennett claimed intel chief opposed torture memos release
Contradicting other reporting, Bill Bennett claimed that Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair opposed President Obama's recent release of four previously classified Justice Department memos that had authorized the use of harsh interrogation techniques. Read More

Fox News Watch doesn't disclose Pinkerton's role in hyping tea parties
During a Fox News Watch panel discussion of media coverage of the April 15 tea parties, panelist Jim Pinkerton did not disclose that he had urged people to get involved in "protesting against the evils of over-taxation and its wicked handmaidens, over-spending and over-regulation." Read More

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