Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Media Matters Daily Summary 04-08-09

Hannity misinforms on defense budget, missile defense
Sean Hannity falsely claimed that President Obama ordered "drastic cuts in the military budget" and misleadingly cropped comments by Secretary Gates to criticize Obama over missile defense. Read More

On Marketplace, Wilkinson ignored economists who say New Deal aided recovery
Discussing the debate over whether the New Deal, "as many economic historians" say, deepened the Depression or "save[d] capitalism," Will Wilkinson did not note that many prominent economists believe, in Paul Krugman's words, that the "New Deal brought real relief to most Americans." Read More

Fox News' Carlson falsely claimed "Social Security [is] already bankrupt"
Gretchen Carlson falsely claimed that "Social Security [is] already bankrupt." In fact, Social Security will be able to pay full benefits until 2041, after which it will be able to cover 78 percent of scheduled benefits, according to the 2008 Social Security trustees' report. Read More

Media falsely claim Frank did not answer question asking if he bore any responsibility for financial crisis
Several media figures falsely claimed Barney Frank did not answer a student's question asking how much responsibility he bore for the financial crisis. In fact, Frank did provide a substantive response to the question. Read More

No mention of Bush DOJ in front-page Wash. Post article on Stevens trial
In an article about Ted Stevens' trial, The Washington Post asserted that Eric Holder must try "to remake the reputation of his department" but did not mention that "his" department's current reputation was forged under the Bush administration. Read More

New sea ice data further bury George Will's global warming credibility
New data on Arctic sea ice levels further discredit a widely criticized column by George Will in which he falsely suggested that sea ice data undermine the scientific consensus that humans are causing global warming. Read More

NY Times omitted DoD response to claim that canceling FCS vehicle production would endanger troops
The New York Times reported James Inhofe's assertion that Defense Secretary Robert Gates' proposal to cancel the Future Combat Systems vehicle program would endanger troops without noting Gates' justification for canceling the program. Read More

Without evidence, Wash. Times claimed Obama "reneged" on campaign promises
The Washington Times falsely claimed in an editorial that President Obama "reneged" on campaign promises to eliminate earmarks and increase defense spending. In fact, Obama did not promise to eliminate earmarks, and he did propose a budget increasing defense spending. Read More

Media conservatives: Obama's goal is to be "liked" by allies
Conservative media figures have suggested that President Obama's actions during his recent trip to Europe and the Middle East were motivated by a desire to be liked, rather than by U.S. interests. Read More

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