Sunday, January 18, 2009

Vegas Says Steelers 72% Chance to Win Super Bowl

Las Vegas, Nevada (January 18, 2009) – Super Bowl XLIII is set. The Steelers are favored by 7 points, which is another way of saying that Pittsburgh is expected to beat Arizona by 7 points. The “total” (also called the Over/Under) is 47, which means that both teams combined are expected to score 47 points.

RJ Bell of said: “By considering the game’s point spread and total you can derive that Las Vegas expects the final score to be Pittsburgh 27, Arizona 20.”

Arizona won 3 straight games as underdogs to reach Super Bowl XLIII. RJ Bell of said: “Considering the Las Vegas odds on the Cardinals’ playoff games, the likelihood of Arizona winning all three was 26 to 1 against.”

As big favorites in two home games, Pittsburgh had exactly a 50% chance of advancing to the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is the biggest single-day sports betting event each year. A troubling amount of incorrect information is reported by the news media regarding the actual amount bet on the Super Bowl.

According to RJ Bell of Over $10 billion dollars is expected to be wagered worldwide on Super Bowl XLIII, by more than 200 million individuals. Less than 1% of that money will be wagered legally in Nevada.

The troubled economy is not expected to greatly affect action on the game. Typically sports betting is affected significantly less than other industries by economic downturns.

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