Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday's Sex News 01-23-09

Sex as an asthma trigger

Lots of things can trigger asthama, including sex, which has dropped to third place behind flu and colds

Is overweight and swinging compatible?

Kasadie investigates how the lifestyle treats people of all sizes

Aerosmith, Steven Tyler and sex

The lead singer of Aerosmith talks about sex and the band in an interview with Elle magazine

Sex magazine launched

Talk2YourTeen is a UK county magazine, aimed at helping parents talk with their kids about sex [Online]

Lawyer must remove sex diary

A lawyer at the world's sixth largest law firm, has been asked to remove extracts from her sex dairy, from the Internet [More]

Germany sex industry wants help

After Larry Flynt called for government help for the US sex business, the Germany sex industry has now asked for state aid

More orgasms from bigger bank balances

Research from Newcastle University has found that a woman's frequency of orgasms is related to her partner's income

Virginity pledges and sexual behavior

Research from Johns Hopkins University looks at sexual behavior of youngsters who take virginity tests, and conclude they do not work

Wireless iPod vibrator launched

The OhMiBod FreeStyle is a wireless vibrator for the iPod [More]

Have a green sex life

The Green Muze looks at how you can make your sex life more organic, orgasmic, and greener!

Star Trek: The Next Penetration

The porn film based on the TV series was made in 1990

Female brains detect chemosexual sweat

New research suggests that female brains can detect sexual messages in male sweat [Paper]

Barbie doll creator a swinger

Author Jerry Oppenheimer says that Barbie and Ken creator Jack Ryan was a "full-blown seventies-style swinger"

3-D porn is coming

New technology claims to convert any regular DVD into three-dimensions

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