Thursday, January 15, 2009

Media Matters Daily Summary 01-15-09

CNN's Brown, Yellin ignore Republican senators' support for Geithner

On CNN's Campbell Brown, discussing whether Republicans are "still raising concerns" about Tim Geithner, President-elect Barack Obama's nominee for Treasury secretary, neither Brown nor Jessica Yellin noted that several Republican senators, including Sen. Orrin Hatch and Judd Gregg, support Geithner. Additionally, Sen. Lindsey Graham has also reportedly expressed support for Geithner. Read More

Fox News' Kilmeade wondered if Browner will "have a hard time getting confirmed" -- but position doesn't require confirmation

On Fox & Friends, Brian Kilmeade wondered whether Carol Browner, who President-elect Barack Obama has designated as assistant to the president for energy and climate change, will "have a hard time getting confirmed" because of her supposed "socialist ties." In fact, as itself has noted, Browner's position "does not require Senate confirmation." Read More

Limbaugh falsely suggests Planned Parenthood mainly provides abortions

On his radio show, Rush Limbaugh falsely suggested that Planned Parenthood mainly provides abortions, saying, "You go into Planned Parenthood for an abortion, all right?" In fact, according to the Planned Parenthood website, 3 percent of its health services are abortion services. Read More

Rove again mischaracterized quotation -- this time falsely claiming Obama criticized stimulus bill as "deficit spending"

In his Wall Street Journal column, Karl Rove took quotes from President-elect Barack Obama out of context to falsely claim that Obama criticized the economic stimulus bill as "deficit spending" that represented "the 'disdain for pay-as-you-go budgeting' in Washington." In fact, Obama used those words in a March 2008 speech while discussing the "policies of the Bush Administration," which "threw the economy further out of balance." Read More

WSJ falsely suggests that DOJ memos on interrogation were attacked only by "some members of Congress and civil libertarians"

The Wall Street Journal reported, "Following the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, the [Justice] department produced legal opinions that have been attacked by some members of Congress and civil libertarians for allowing harsh interrogation tactics." In fact, critics of the Justice Department's interrogation opinions also include Jack Goldsmith, who served as the head of the department's Office of Legal Counsel under Bush. Read More

CNN's Sylvester misled on House SCHIP bill's effect on budget and its citizenship verification process

On Lou Dobbs Tonight, Lisa Sylvester uncritically reported that "[f]iscal conservatives ... argue" that a cigarette-tax increase in a House bill expanding SCHIP "will not generate enough revenue to pay for the program." However, Sylvester did not note that a CBO cost estimate of the bill found that it would be "fully offset, primarily through an increase in federal tobacco taxes." Sylvester also aired Rep. John Boehner's claim that "no verification system to speak of is contained in the bill" -- without noting that the bill does include a citizenship verification process in which states would use SCHIP applicants' names and Social Security numbers to determine whether they are eligible. Read More

Ignoring contrary evidence, CNN's King said of Bush's African AIDS program: "Any liberal will tell you it has been a dramatic success"

After President Bush's farewell speech, John King said of Bush's program to fight AIDS in Africa, "Any liberal will tell you it has been a dramatic success." However, progressives and health organizations have criticized the legislation that authorized the program, which originally required that 33 percent of funds be spent on abstinence-until-marriage education -- a provision the Bush administration reportedly lobbied Congress to add. Read More

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