Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday's Sex News 01-30-09

Comics illegal under porn laws?

Britain's new extreme porn laws could make some comics illegal

Men need sex lessons

Three quarters of women don't orgasm during intercourse, and 12% never orgasm at all. London-based sex therapist Rachel Foux, thinks that men need some help [Web site]

The world's most desirable women publishes its list of the 99 most desirable women in the world

Underbelly viral video controversy

Australian mini-series, Underbelly, has been criticized for its sexually explicit promotional viral video [More]

Are you a swinger? Check the signs

Kasadie gives 100 ways to tell whether you might be a swinger.

Can you break your penis?

Every since Greys Anatomy featured a patient with a broken penis, the search engines have been busy helping searchers discover the truth

Sunday morning is porn time

Sunday morning turns out to be the most popular time for people to watch "naughty movies" on cable TV

Some adult businesses profit in recession

While Larry Flynt asked the government to bail out the adult industry, some sectors have reported an 87% increase in profits

US porn law dies

A US law that tried to regulate porn sites, by making operators require credit cards as proof of ID, in order to protect children, has been rejected as unconstitutional to adults

Hormone makes women feel sexy

The sex hormone oestradiol (a form of oestrogen), make some women feel more attractive, and open to serial monogamy

Gwyneth Paltrow breast leaked

A clip of Gwyneth Paltrow's left breast has been leaked from her next film, Two Lovers [Images]
Money turns on women

Scientists have found that women get more pleasure from a partner who is wealthy

Woman chases "pornstar" boyfriend

Police arrested a woman for chasing after her boyfriend with a knife, after thinking he was an actor in a porn film they were watching

Miss USA tries adult movies

Miss USA 1991, Kelli McCarty, has decided to quit mainstream movies and try her hand at porn

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