Sunday, May 18, 2008

Media Matters Daily Summary 05-18-06

Reuters reported some Hispanics "like the fact" that McCain co-sponsored immigration bill, but not that McCain has reversed his position
Reuters reported: "Arturo Leyva has voted Democratic in the past, like many U.S. Hispanics. This year, the candidate catching his eye happens to be a Republican: John McCain." It later added that "Hispanics like Leyva, 45, say they like the fact that McCain teamed with Democratic Sen. Edward Kennedy on the immigration bill, which was later killed by the Republicans." But the article did not report that McCain has since reversed his position on immigration reform, arguing that "we've got to secure the borders first" and stating that he would no longer support his own bill if it were to come up in the Senate. Read More

On Meet the Press, Russert allowed GOP strategist Murphy to falsely claim that "Rubin mischaracterized," "paraphrased" McCain
On Meet the Press, Tim Russert failed to correct Mike Murphy's false claim that James Rubin "mischaracterized" Sen. John McCain in a Washington Post op-ed. Russert said, "And there is an interview with James Rubin, as you know, from Senator McCain where he said that in time, we would have to talk with Hamas." Murphy replied, "Right. Well, but I think if you look, like many of us did, at the full YouTube of that, Rubin mischaracterized him in his op-ed. ... McCain had a lot of qualifications, if you look at the full context of it, which is not what Rubin paraphrased in that op-ed." In fact, Rubin did not "mischaracterize[]" or "paraphrase[]" McCain's comments, as video posted on YouTube shows. Read More

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