Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday's Sex News 05-30-08

  • Erotic LA coming soon

    The 12th Annual Erotica LA show takes place 6-8th June, and describes itself as a sexuality and lifestyle exposition [Web site]

  • Nude kids, art or porn?

    Art photos of nude kids are considered by some to be pornographic, or sexualized, or just artist.

  • Hungary, European porn capital

    Budapest claims to be one of Europe's top porn capitals, and it is estimated that the business generates 0.5% of the country's GDP

  • How porn affects a domain name

    When a company's domain was hijacked last month, the number of visitors went through the roof

  • Swedish girls more gay

    A survey of 440 Swedish 17-year-olds has found that over three times as many girls have had sex with someone of the same sex, than boys

  • Eat your way to great sex

    We're not talking aphrodisiacs, but certain components of certain foods, such as Omega-3 fatty acids, can improve your sexual health

  • Tourist strips at wolf whistle

    An Israeli tourist in New Zealand, stripped naked in response to wolf whistles from workers

  • Circumcision and gay men

    New research assesses the sexual experience of circumcised versus uncircumcised gay men

  • Sex and wounded war vets

    There is not much discussion concerning the lost of sexual ability of war veterans. B.J. Jackson and his wife plan to highlight the issue

  • My underage sex

    Sha'Dawn Young remembers what it was like to have sex underage, and why some girls do

  • Masturbation records broken

    Last Sunday's masturbate-a-thon broke several records, including the most male orgasms (31), and the longest time masturbating: female 7 hours, and male 8 hours 40 minutes [photos]

  • Is pornography poison?

    Betty Caplan criticizes Philip Ochieng for his vague pronouncement that porn is poison

  • America Unzipped author talks back

    Brian Alexander, the author of "America Unzipped: In Search of Sex and Satisfaction", answers readers' questions

  • Self-circumcision: the problems

    If you are thinking of circumcising yourself, The Journal of Sexual Medicine explains some complications that might arise

  • Oral sex kids not virgins

    New research shows that most kids who have oral sex are not virgins

  • Do we want a sex drive

    As scientists continue to find a way to improve people's lost of libido, Michele Hanson asks whether we all want a higher sex drive

  • 50 and still going strong

    Actress Kim Cattrall's character turns 50 in the new Sex in the City movie, but feels it makes a positive statement about middle age and sex

  • Californian considers porn tax

    California state lawmakers are considering a 25% tax on the production and sale of porn films

  • UK sex toy market increasing

    It is estimated that 2.5-million sex toys are sold in the UK each year, and growing at the rate of 20% per year

  • Australia ponders teen nude photos

    Nude teen photos by photographer Bill Henson have been removed from a number of locations, as Australia considers whether they are pornographic

  • South African sex taboo

    In many parts of South Africa, it is taboo for kids to talk about sex with their parents.

  • Topless ban stays

    Sweden has decided not to lift a ban on topless bathing for fears it could cause anorexia

  • No nose saves penis

    New research has found that U.S. policemen who ride bicycles, are more like to have penis-related health problems

  • Is extramarital sex so wrong?

    Philip Weiss wonders whether sex outside marriage is always wrong

  • Shall we try swinging?

    Britain's Sun newspaper gives advice on swinging, and the fantasy doesn't always match the reality

  • How to make an ostrich orgasm

    Scientists have developed a way to masturbate a male ostrich and collects its semen, without the usual dangers

  • Swedish mums want kinky sex

    A new survey of Swedish mothers has found that 60% want more sex, 29% own a dildo, 28% have looked at online porn, 39% have had anal sex, and 7% have been unfaithful

  • Chocolate female orgasms

    The jury is out as to why women have orgasms at all, and a woman explains how chocolate can give her a small orgasm

  • 17 kids, but great sex

    Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have 17 children, from which quite a bit can be deduced about their sex life

  • Oral sex kids a myth?

    Reports that youngster regularly perform oral sex in lieu of sex, may be greatly exaggerated

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