Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday's Sex News 05-23-08

  • Penis pipes not for drugs

    A woman is in court explaining that penis pipes, penis ashtrays and penis statues have nothing to do with drugs

  • Nude children art exhibition closed

    Police in Sydney have closed an art exhibition for including photos of naked children, and are assessing the legality

  • Lady Godivas promote film

    Up to 50 women stripped off, and some rode naked bareback, to promote the DVD release of the film, Lady Godiva

  • What kind of sex do you want?

    Blogger Jodi explains the differce between the Double Duty Booty, the Warm and Yummy, and the Vajayjay Volcano

  • Love hormones helps trusting

    Scientists from Zurich University have found that a nasal spray containing the love hormone oxytocin can make people trust others

  • Hollywood sex book coming

    The sex lives of Hollywood stars feature in a new book, Hollywood Babylon: It's Back, which claims to reveal the star with biggest penis, and sex scandals.

  • Bare-breasted double standards

    Ariane Sherine comments that women's chests are seen as sexual and private, whereas men's are not

  • Teen sex results in

    14% to 37% of 15-year-olds have had sex, depending on country, and around 13% of them, do not use contraceptives

  • Sex shop too close to school

    A headmaster wants plans open a sex shop close to his school because it might put them at risk from paedophiles

  • Men make mistakes in bed

    Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright has highlighted the top ten mistakes that men make in bed, from starting foreplay to late, to "heading south" too soon

  • Man boobs not legally voyeuristic

    A court has overturned a charge of voyeurism, because man-boobs are not protected under law like female breasts.

  • Better sex in the city

    Sex in the City actress Kim Cattrall says that her sex life improved when her own body image improved

  • Emmanuelle actress search takes off

    Based on a 1959 character created by Emmanuelle Arsan, film makers are looking for a new actress to feature in a PG-13 movie, What Else Emmanuelle?

  • Is homosexuality natural?

    Zoologist Petter Böckman says that 1,500 animal species are known to practice same-sex coupling

  • Em and Lo teach sex

    Em & Lo are coming to the UK to teach Brits in a new documentary, Sex How To Do Everything [video]

  • Mum proud of daughter's sex

    Mother Shane Cattrall is proud of her Sex in the City daughter Kim Cattrall

  • Brits find Internet sex

    A survey by UK TV program Generation Sex has found that over 70% of adults are using the Internet to find no-strings sex

  • Inside the orgasmic brain

    Scientists are discovering that quite complex brain operations occur before orgasm [More]

  • Orgy poster banned

    Britain's Advertising Standards Authority has banned an "orgy" poster for the TV series Skins, citing that it "could cause serious or widespread offence" [image]

  • Count down to masturbation

    The annual Masturbate-a-thon is just a week away, an activity that a decade ago, was never acknowledged with a day devoted to it

  • Lily Allen topless

    Singer Lily Allen went topless in the French resort of Cap D'Antibes,

  • Tom Cruise: sex pro

    Actress Kelly Preston says that actor Tom Cruise was very professional when filming their sex scenes in the film Jerry Maguire.

  • Oral sexual health issues

    Although the changes are lower than regular sex, oral sex can still transmit HIV

  • Why am I jealous with my husband

    Kasadie gives advice to a woman who swinging husband has become friendly, but non-sexual, with another woman

  • Call of nature to stripper

    The Naughty American explains how porn actress Brandi Edwards says she first became a stripper after answering a call of nature in a nightclub


A frustrated housewife decided her sex life needed spicing up after 20 years of marriage.

After her husband went to work she slipped out and went into a lingerie shop and picked up a pair of crotchless knickers. She went home, tarted herself up and donned the new garment and selected a short skirt to go with it. She greeted her husband when he came home from work and sat across from him after she prepares him a drink.

She slowly spread her legs,and in a husky come f**k me voice says "Honey, would you like some of this?"

The husband looks between his ageing wife's legs and lets out his breath, looking up at his doting wife replies, "HELL, NO! Look what it's done to your underwear."

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