Thursday, May 29, 2008

Carville: We Want a Hostage Crisis Because Our Feelings Are Hurt

By Al Giordano

(Video courtesy of The Jed Report.)

Aw, James, here’s some advice from your old pal, Al: buck up! For a guy who talks big and postures aloud about how many “cojones” each candidate supposedly has, you’re being a big crybaby now.

So this is what it all comes down to: bratty threats to to try to hold the Democratic nomination hostage (lame threats, by the way, that can’t be effectively carried out) all because their peewings are hurt over the pushback on Senator Clinton’s inappropriate comments - made on a live Internet TV stream last Friday - that invoked the Robert Kennedy assassination of 1968.

Pushed by veteran reporter Diane Sawyer about his previous statements that the nominee will be settled by June 3, Clinton surrogate Carville moved the goal posts, saying that the negative reactions to Senator Clinton’s RFK comments were stoked by the Obama campaign and that “it was hurtful to me,” therefore implying that because of hurt feelings the Democratic Party shouldn’t have a nominee:.......................................

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