Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fleischer Callously Tells Dead Soldier’s Mom ‘There Are Going To Be A Lot More Mothers’ Like You


Yesterday, Ari Fleischer, former White House Press Secretary and current board member of the White House front group Freedom’s Watch, appeared on MSNBC to defend a recent ad showing an injured Iraq veteran saying “they attacked us, and they will again.”

During the segment, host Norah O’Donnell showed Fleischer a video of a mother whose son was killed in Iraq. In the ad, the mother states:

Ari Fleischer helped to deliver this country to the war in Iraq through a campaign of ignorance, negligence, and arrogance. Since then, we’ve heard the sad truth. … And the weapons of mass destruction? My son Sherwood died protecting the Iraq Survey Group while they looked for the weapons.

Fleischer expressed no sympathy for the mother, instead using her grief as platform to spew more war-mongering rhetoric, alleging that all mothers would be at risk of losing their children if we leave Iraq:

Well, my fear is that unless we win in Iraq, there are going to be a lot more mothers who lose a lot more children. And that’s why we cannot afford to lose in Iraq. … There is going to be an attack on America. … It very well may be in Iraq.


Fleischer’s callousness is not new. Last month, he admitted he did not know the name of the wounded veteran who appeared in his own ad. Fleischer and his Bush surrogates doled out $15 million to run the ad nationally.

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