Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Biden's Iraq Plan Sweeps the Senate

The United States Senate voted 75-23 today to pass my amendment which can bring an end to the civil war in Iraq and get our troops out safely. The Biden plan provides for regional autonomy within a federal system. The Biden plan calls for the support of the United Nations and Iraq's neighbors to help implement an end to the civil war.

We're asking supporters to make an immediate contribution to our media fund so we can rush the word out about this historic development.

For the first time in this incredibly divisive national debate we've been having about Iraq, a strong bi-partisan majority of senators - including fully half of the Republicans -- voted to change our policy in Iraq.

This is the first time there is a real plan that can allow us to leave Iraq without leaving chaos behind.

And we couldn't have done it without your support in this long and hard-fought battle. Whether making a contribution, signing our petition, or simply sharing my plan with a friend, you have kept this campaign going.

But as we get closer and closer to the end of this fundraising quarter, my campaign needs your support to reach voters in early primary states with this latest development.

Your support and the support of my colleagues in the Senate reflects this reality: for all the divisions in Washington and across the country over our Iraq policy, there's one thing just about everyone now accepts: there is no military solution in Iraq, only a political solution.

This strong bi-partisan majority of senators, by a vote of 75-23, is powerful evidence of disagreement with the strategy the Bush administration is pursuing.

This may be President Bush's war. But it is America's future. Together, we have to get this right. Today, we are one step closer to doing just that.

Click here to contribute to my campaign and help my staff share this important victory with early primary state voters.

Thank you for your support,
Joe Biden

I'll be in New Hampshire tonight to participate in a presidential debate which will be carried live on MSNBC from 9-11 pm ET.

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