Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bloomberg Lambastes Gun Law That Giuliani Calls ‘Sensible'

NY Sun

Mayor Bloomberg may be unwilling to criticize his predecessor directly, but he is leaving little doubt about his distaste for Mayor Giuliani's newfound courtship of the gun lobby.

"Rudy Giuliani can speak for himself," Mr. Bloomberg told reporters yesterday at City Hall before launching into a full-throated defense of policy positions that the former mayor has recently disavowed or opposed.

Mr. Bloomberg was responding to Mr. Giuliani's comments last week to the National Rifle Association, in which he distanced himself from a lawsuit against firearm manufacturers that he initiated as mayor and which the city is still pressing. Mr. Giuliani also voiced support for a gun law that Mr. Bloomberg has mounted a national campaign to overturn.

The Republican presidential hopeful said on Friday that the lawsuit "has taken several turns and several twists that I don't agree with."

Contradicting Mr. Giuliani, Mr. Bloomberg said the lawsuit "has not changed at all" since the city filed it in 1999. "We believe that it's a good case and we hope to win," Mr. Bloomberg said......

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