Friday, June 22, 2007

GOPer's Amendment To Prevent Pelosi From Consorting With Enemy Suffers Crushing Defeat


Yesterday we brought you the news that hapless GOP Rep. Steve King of Iowa -- fresh from his efforts to build on our southern border the sort of electric fence used for livestock -- was planning to introduce an amendment to prevent Nancy Pelosi from consorting with the enemy.

The amendment -- attached to appropriations legislation -- would have prohibited Pelosi from using State Department funds to visit Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan or Syria.

Well, King's measure was voted on early this morning in the House of Representatives. And it went down to a crushing defeat. The final tally: 337 noes; 84 ayes.

Needless to say, all the Democrats voted against it, thus confirming once again the party's uniformly traitorous bent.

However, only 84 of 201 Republicans voted for the measure, suggesting that many Republicans, too, think it's okay for Pelosi to consort with the enemy. Go figure....

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