Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Red-Necks and Right-Wingnuts Didn't See This Coming.

Only a Few Months ago Jeb Bush Signed the "Stand Your Ground" Bill. Where Florida residents can now meet force with force -- and shoot to kill to defend themselves -- inside or outside of their homes.

In Today's Miami Herald is this story:


Keith Jackson disappears into his Wilton Manors bedroom and returns with a taupe suede clutch. He unzips it carefully.

''I love this one, because the bullets just fly out and you don't have to reload,'' he said, ejecting a clip from a nickel-plated .45-caliber semiautomatic Smith & Wesson.

``And if some redneck decides he's going to harass or harm me, he'll be thinking twice about it pretty quickly.''

Raised in rural Pennsylvania, Jackson is an avid hunter who keeps a gun on his boat, in his car, and on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. But he's allowed his membership to the National Rifle Association to lapse since he heard about the Pink Pistols.

In fact, Jackson wants to start a local chapter of the nationwide organization of gay gun owners who believe that packing heat reduces their chances of becoming hate-crime victims.

The Pink Pistols have more than 7,000 members in the United States and British Columbia, many of whom feel alienated from conservative gun rights organizations like the NRA.

The name was coined by a gay journalist in a Salon.com essay five years ago. There are other gun-owner' groups for minority populations whose members believe that the law fails to protect them from bigots:

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms; the Second Amendment Sisters, which caters to women of all backgrounds; and the Tenth Cavalry Gun Club, named after the U.S. Army Civil War regiment of black soldiers.

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