Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Bush Lets Terrorist Go Free. Terrorist is Friends with Bush's Buddy Osama Bin Laden


SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 15 - An Islamic cleric being held by immigration officials agreed Monday to be deported, a week after federal investigators accused him of planning to set up a religious school where recruits could be trained to kill Americans.

The cleric, Shabbir Ahmed, 39, will be deported to Islamabad, Pakistan, for overstaying a three-year visa that allowed him to work in the United States as an imam.

At a hearing at an immigration court on Monday, Judge Anthony Murry, who said last week that Mr. Ahmed posed "a flight risk and a danger to the community," ordered him deported.


At a hearing last week, an F.B.I. agent, Gary Schaaf, accused Mr. Ahmed of planning to set up an Islamic school in Lodi as a front for training recruits to attack Americans. The authorities also suggested that Mr. Ahmed had indirect ties to Osama bin Laden, and said he would be an intermediary between Al Qaeda and its sympathizers in Lodi.

Two Lodi residents, Hamid Hayat, 22, and his father, Umer Hayat, 47, remain in custody on charges of making false statements to the Federal Bureau of Investigation about their ties to a terrorist training camp in Pakistan.

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