Saturday, April 30, 2005

John Bolton Update

George Bush and the Senate Republican leadership continue to prop up John Bolton's nomination for UN Ambassador -- despite overwhelming evidence that Bolton is the absolute wrong choice for the job.

More than 20,000 people have already emailed the White House through my PAC for a Change website, calling on President Bush to replace John Bolton with a new UN nominee that all Americans can support.

But with the Senate out on recess next week, I need you to keep the pressure on the White House. We can't stop now.

Email George Bush and tell him to withdraw John Bolton's nomination now!

It's clear that the right-wing Republicans aren't going to back down on Bolton without a fight.
Just this week, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Dick Lugar scheduled a final committee vote on Bolton for May 12th, applying pressure on undecided Republican committee members by publicly vowing that they would confirm Bolton and move his nomination to the floor of the Senate.

And in a nationally televised press conference Thursday evening, President Bush reaffirmed his support of John Bolton, calling him a "blunt guy" who "can get the job done at the United Nations."

Well I think that a man like John Bolton who has shown nothing but contempt for the United Nations throughout his entire career, repeatedly abused and bullied subordinates, and attempted to pressure intelligence analysts to give him the answers he wants to hear is unfit to be America's chief representative at the United Nations.

If you agree, please stand with me -- tell George Bush to send us a new UN nominee now!

Thanks so much for your support on this critical issue. At a time when our nation must focus on rebuilding relationships with our friends and allies around the world, America simply can't afford to have John Bolton representing us in such an important diplomatic post.
In Friendship,

Barbara Boxer


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