Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dana Loesch Speaks, Remarkably Does Not Shatter All Glass In Thousand-Mile Radius

Sometime back in the early 1990s, CNN left its standards at one of Ted Turner’s sheep ranches and has never bothered to so much as send out a couple of interns to bring them back. We can think of no other reason why the network ever employed fetid compost pile Dana Loesch as a commentator and still allows her the occasional guest spot. Your Wonkette has a history of falling for self-absorbed and somewhat dimwitted women, and even we would not go anywhere near Dana Loesch, who projects a cloud of toxic dimwittedness so severe we imagine entire fields of grass withering as she walks across them. Loesch is so unlikable that even the tragic orphans at Dead Breitbart’s Embalming Fluid Emporium fell out with her, and those dipshits love anyone to the right of your average banana republic commandante.
But there she was on Thursday, booked on Piers Morgan’s show to discuss gun control with, we shit you not, Grover Norquist and Van Jones. Why Van Jones keeps subjecting himself to debates with conservatives on CNN is a mystery that will perhaps one day be solved by a good psychiatrist or a swift kick to the nuts. Really, he can’t do better than this? And Grover “The Tax Man Cometh and His Right Early” Norquist is known for one thing, and that is the dogmatic enforcement of an anti-tax creed he thought up when he was twelve years old. He should not be given access to so much as a box of crayons, because he would eat them while complaining about stupid liberals who want to make him share his crayons with starving poor people. And yet there he was, in a broadcast studio, in front of a television camera, which someone had deliberately pointed in his direction in the hope of eliciting his opinion on issues affecting real live humans. READ MORE »

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